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Hair Restoration

Hair is one of the brightest details of the external appearance of man. Good hair not only makes us more beautiful, but also an indicator of health. The condition of the head of hair depends on the physical and psychological state of a person.

With the problem of hair loss, people of different age and sex are facing, and it is always very unpleasant. Over the past few decades, the incidence of baldness in young people has increased markedly, and the unfavorable environmental conditions and the oversaturation of food products with harmful chemical additives are the blame. However, this is only part of the negative factors that lead to hair loss.

Hair loss can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Aging of the body
  • Inadequate nutrition and vitamin deficiency
  • Age and pathological changes in the hormonal background
  • Strong stress
  • Dirty air and water
  • Low-quality cosmetics for hair
  • Injury of hair bulbs and improper combing
  • Wearing tight headgear

Hair loss acts depressingly on any person, badly affects self-esteem and often becomes an indirect cause of failure in personal life.

Treatment of hair loss is primarily a treatment of the underlying disease that caused alopecia. It is for this reason that the uncontrolled use of cosmetic products practically never brings a noticeable effect. Shampoos and tonics can be part of a complex therapy, but in themselves they do not give a positive result, if the root of the problem is not eliminated. Therefore, the treatment of hair loss should begin with a consultation with a doctor.

According to experts, a reduction in the density of hair may speak about serious health problems. To help with the solution of a similar problem and to establish the correct diagnosis in case of hair loss, only a good trichologist doctor should be consulted.

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